International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region

The International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region provides a warm welcome to internationals who live, work or study in Utrecht Region. They offer a number of free services designed to advise and assist internationals during their arrival and stay in Utrecht Region. Internationals are able to arrange the immigration and registration formalities at the welcome centre. The volunteers at the helpdesk are happy to provide the internationals with more practical information, for topics related to housing, education, taxes, healthcare, and cultural and leisure activities in the region.

Universiteit Utrecht

As International Service Desk we often refer new international staff and guests to Sjouke Jager for assistance in finding accommodation. Sjouke has a very good knowledge of the housing market (rental and buying) and he gives realistic advice about what to expect of the increasingly tight market of Utrecht. He is very dedicated to helping people finding a suitable home. Sjouke is a very good, accurate and pleasant partner to work with and we highly recommend his work and services.

Independent Expat Finance

Independent Expat Finance is a financial intermediary. They relieve expats from the stress of organizing personal finances in the Netherlands. They offer mortgages, banking, investments, insurances, and more. Theo, Serge, and Liaget have a combined experience of 20 years in financial services. They know their way around the Dutch financial world. As insiders, they make sure your Dutch life is hassle-free and comfortable.

Independent Expat Finance: Your one-stop shop for financial peace of mind.

Visit for more information.

Tax & Service Solutions

Discover their triple-A tax services: Accurate, Accredited, Affordable.

Besides the excellent services and very competitive fees you will also discover that the people of Tax & Service Solutions have strong personal engagement when it comes to your tax matters and financial situation. They are fully aware of the fact that taxes can be boring. Why don’t you let them do the boring and annoying work for you so you can enjoy things that are more important to you!


Established in 1986 the Administrative Committee to Coordinate English Speaking Services – ACCESS – in short, was the grass root initiative of the members of the international community in the Netherlands who felt the pressing need for an organisation that would answer their needs, provide peer support and help to cope with the challenges of expatriate living.

Today ACCESS has evolved to become a unique volunteer, not-for-profit organisation that serves the needs and interests of the international community, namely by:

Providing guidance, advice, information to individuals with settling, and/or living and working in the Netherlands.
Promoting friendship, understanding and well-being of the members of the international community in the Netherlands
Contributing to community development through skill training schemes and courses
Serving as a bridge between local and international communities
Assist the HR departments of international employers in preparing for and receiving international staff


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