The city of Utrecht now has a so called ‘purchase protection regulation’ regarding already existing houses. This means that if you purchase a house, you may not rent out the house for at least 4 years.

Since the 1st of July 2022 it is now prohibited throughout the entire city of Utrecht to rent out a house with a WOZ value up to and including € 487,000 after the purchase. This new rule is established as a result of the big amount of pressure the housing market in Utrecht is experiencing. The amount of houses available is decreasing, while the house prices are increasing. This makes it difficult for people to find an affordable house in Utrecht.

There are 5 exceptions to the purchase protection regulation:

  • Someone may still rent out a purchased house to first- and second-degree relatives (parents, children, brothers and sisters)
  • someone may temporarily rent out a purchased house, for a maximum of 12 months, for example if the owner is going on a long trip
  • someone may rent out a purchased house as a company residence
  • new housing projects in which renting agreements have been made
  • in which the rental of a house is important (the Municipal Executive decides), for such an exception a permit is required

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Source: municipality of Utrecht