A home insurance is an insurance which insures your home against damage from different external factors like fire, storms and burglary. For everyone who owns a residential property with a mortgage, a home insurance is mandatory. You must have a home insurance from the day the house is officially transferred. During the final inspection and at the notary’s office, you’ll be asked to confirm you have a home insurance.

There are different types of home insurances depending on how extensive and expensive you want the insurance to be:

Extended insurance: covers against damage from for example: fire, explosions, lightning, storms, burglary and vandalism.

Extra extended insurance: covers against the same damage as the ‘normal’ extended insurance, but also includes things like water damage, smoke and soot damage and damage due to defect water piping.

All-risk insurance: extra insurance against all damage that suddenly and unexpectedly occurs under the influence of external factors.

The expenses for one of these insurance policies depend on multiple factors like the reconstruction value, location and condition of the house. Often your mortgage advisor is able to help you with a suitable home insurance. Otherwise there are various options available online.

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