We are all talking about the Coronavirus at the moment. What is going to happen, what will the effect be for the Dutch economy and housing market? Right now it’s difficult to estimate what the exact consequences are going to be for the property prices, viewings, mortgage interest rates and the availability of houses to buy.

Viewings are still taking place even though it could be in a different form with limited people present during a viewing or via a live video call.

According to Vereniging Eigen Huis “It is too early to predict that house prices will fall. It is clear, however, that house prices may rise less rapidly due to the corona crisis. This could calm the overheated housing market in many places. However, the structural shortage on the housing market is not suddenly over. It is plausible that more potential buyers will temporarily step in place.”

Even for experts, the long-term consequences of the corona crisis on the housing market is a big question mark. We are hopeful, that when normal life takes its course again, the housing market will also normalise.

We wish everyone who is confronted with any form of the coronavirus all the best and a lot of strength!! If you would like to know more about the measures we take or if you have any other questions about the housing market, you can reach us at info@jagervastgoed.nl.

Take care and stay safe!